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Welcome to the my homepage. It is pretty rudimentary at the moment, mainly just a collection of stuff I collected or written in my travels that I thought I would find useful. At least now I know where it is.

Created using BBEdit Lite 4.6 on an Apple Powerbook 1400 and G4. With the help of NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML and checked by the W3C HTML Validation service. So hopefully it will be nice and standard html.

The chances are my PowerBook is sitting in the corner neglected. But at least its busy testing keys for the distributed.net RC5 challenge. If their stats server is running you can see how the little chap is doing on there statistics server. It's now been joined by a PowerMac G4, for some Altivec powered key cracking.

I did various bits and pieces of html for the British Motorcycle Racing Club an old copy is on this site and consists of mainly the results sheets and the winter magazine (1999/2000). I was working on a new layout, which is a bit smarter.

Neil Ronketti has redesigned the Bemsee website for 2000, the good news is that he's now getting the results in electronic form. So hopefully there will be complete set for the year 2001

I've moved Angel's pictures from Evil's 30th birthday to ukonline. They've given me enough space to put up Angel's photo's from Peterborough Beer Festival. There's enough space for Angel's pics from Stan's wedding as well, but I haven't sorted them out yet. Probably only of interest to anyone who was there.

The games stuff has been re-organised, mainly to make space for a Carnage Heart magnum opus. Written purely for my own entertainment, since the game was released in 1996. I've added a web design page to explain my own approach. A page of links to articles I've enjoyed has also appeared.

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